Sunday, November 06, 2011

Caroline Quote

Caroline: "I need to finish my booze."
Me: "You need to finish what?!"
Caroline: "I need to finish my booze." Holds up piece of paper with Boo! written on it.
Me: "Ooooh! You need to finish your boo's."

Evening Entertainment

Who needs TV when we have the girls? They come up with the craziest "games." At their school the teachers apparently tell them to "crisscross applesauce, bubble in your mouth, hands in your lap." So that's what they're ordering us to do with cakes as a reward for obeying. No one might find this funny but we think it's hilarious. I'd like to post more of these but Caroline often gets angry when we try to record them. Beware the wrath of Caroline!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween 2011

Caroline and Kate both decided to be Rapunzel this year. Well Caroline decided to be Rapunzel, so then Kate decided she had to be Rapunzel too. Twisted is by far their favorite movie. Jonah did not dress up again. Every year the girls' school has trick-or-treating and a costume parade in the gymnasium. This year I volunteered to help out. The kids are so darn cute and everyone has a blast.

Here's some of Kate's class. Kate rather her enjoyed her friend Gable's toy guns. The princess with a gun. Um okay. Gable's mom told me that he's rather smitten with Kate. So cute! Notice the southern belle. Her parents had to pick that out. What two year old knows what a southern belle is?

Aaaah she got me!
Some of Caroline's class. Isn't the lil' skeleton awesome?!
The annual porch pose. No Jonah. : ( He took off for a friend's house as soon as he got home from school. I was surprised that I actually got Kate to wear the wig for trick-or-treating, because she had refused to wear it before.
The girls' good buddy Alex came over to trick-or-treat with them. Scary ninja! Alex was so cute. He's allergic to peanuts and asked at every house if the candy had peanuts. Poor guy!
Need more candy!
We have way too much candy now. Last night I think I started a new post-Halloween tradition of making candy bar cookies where you just chop up whatever kind of candy bars you have and bake in cookies. Yum! Here comes the holiday weight.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Funny Guy

The other night I asked David and Jonah if they had any idea how to replace the toilet paper roll, since I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who has ever done it in our seven years of living in this house. They both said that they knew how, but I remained skeptical.

The very next day I found this...

David is such a comedian. Keep doing it!

Visiting Fam

Recently my Aunt Deb and cousin Shannon came to visit all the way from Colorado. Shannon recently became engaged (Congrats Shannon and Tim!), so Shannon wanted to spend some bonding time with her future flower girls and usher.

While they were here we got to attend one of Jonah's football games, Keeneland, and pizza at Pazzo's on UK campus. We had a blast and really wished Colorado wasn't so far away.

Also Shannon was thrilled to help out with the annual jack-o-lantern carving duties.

Great job!
We are all so excited to attend the wedding in Steamboat Springs, CO in August. Can't wait!